ulaz u kompleks direkcije za nacionalne referentne laboratorije

Directorate of National Reference Laboratory was established by Article 18 of Food Safety Law (“Službeni glasnik RS“ No. 41/09). As an administrative body within the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Directorate performs tasks within the field of food safety, animal health, plant health, agricultural and decorative plants, residues, milk and plant gene bank, and carries out other activities in this area.

Pursuant to Article 19 of  Food Safety Law Directorate for National Reference Laboratories will provide the following activities: 

  1. collaborate with national laboratories of other countries; 
  2. establish uniform criteria and methods as well as implement standards for certified laboratories activities; 
  3. organize the necessary comparative tests between the official national laboratories and conduct appropriate follow-up of such comparative testing; 
  4. exchange information obtained from national laboratories of other countries, the Ministry and authorized laboratories; 
  5. provide professional and technical assistance to the Ministry for the implementation of coordinated control plans; 
  6. implement and develop test methods in accordance with international standards and mandatory validation; 
  7. establish the system of quality control not only for its own use but also for certified laboratories; 
  8. confirm certificates of analysis and expert analysis if relevant to interests of  certified laboratories; 
  9. provide and implement statistical process control through certified laboratories and monitoring of results; 
  10. organize comparative tests for certified laboratories for the equal application of applied methods; 
  11. provide services to certified laboratories in the field of statistics and information systems; 
  12. conduct training of staff in certified laboratories; 
  13. prepare national guidelines for sampling and sample handling in order to implement reliable diagnosis; 
  14. prepare, maintain and distribute reference material; 
  15. participate in international comparison tests;